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A note from the Director:

If you would not mind my briefly removing this corporate mask, I need to take a moment to level with you: 

Qara' Shem is a project I believe in, and I am more than happy to put in the work to make this ministry a reality. I love the arts, and I love worshiping God with my Church family, no matter who they are. I am more than willing to pay out of pocket in order to see my two great loves come together in a harmonious and holy union.

However, a large part of Qara' Shem's mission is to support Christian artists by not only featuring their art in our gallery, but by also encouraging church-goers to financially support them by purchasing their art and their skills. I would now like to offer that same opportunity to you by asking you to please consider offsetting some of the costs that are necessary to make Qara' Shem the most spectacular ministry it can and will be.

Thank you so much for your support, no matter how you choose to do it.

I have calculated out the average total costs for all facets of this production in a budget statement, which can be accessed through this link. As is stated at the top of the budget, it is assumed that if no money comes through, all of the elements will still be provided at all events by means of wonderful friends and volunteers. However, as costs come in, they will be used as allotted in the budget, organized in "Tiers" of importance.

I know it's said so often, but even one dollar's worth of support would be so helpful in moving Qara' Shem forward. As much as you are comfortable giving is just enough for me.

If all of the total costs are met or exceeded by giving, Qara' Shem will be registered as an official organization, and will organize another tour in the year 2019 with a new theme, new artists, and new beautiful works of art. If they are not, then Qara' Shem will run as the passion project it is for the rest of this year, and what a glorious year it will be!

Thank you so much for your support, no matter how you choose to do it. It means the world to me that you love and believe in Qara' Shem as much as I do.

– Josie