Qara' Shem functions as any other fine art gallery would; we curate art as it is submitted to us, and feature it in our gallery for a certain period of time. The main difference is we then take the art we have curated and arrange it in a host of featured churches in a fine art tour.

+ What kind of art will you be touring?

That will depend very much on the art we receive, which will be finalized September 15, 2017. We will give churches an idea of what will be submitted by showing them art previously made by artists we already have booked to feature.

With regards to the art we will be featuring, there are only two main criteria we look for in the art we curate. Firstly, that the art is made by a professing Christian artist. Secondly, that the art adheres to our annual theme. Apart from that, we are accepting practically every medium: Visual Art, Three Dimensional Art, Photography, Songs, Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, and Theological Articles.

Our Visual Art, Three Dimensional Art, and Photography will be displayed as part of our traveling art gallery. Songs will be compiled into our artistic album that will be free to download on our website. Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction and Theological Articles will be placed into our annual zine, which will be made available for free at our gallery events.

+ When will you be touring?

We will be touring during the month of October. Each week will be open for churches to book, and we are more than willing to add dates as needed.

+ What does the tour look like?

Each church will have the art on premise for an entire week, Monday-Sunday. We will work with each church to find the calendar week that works best for them. We will bring the art to the church Monday morning. The art will be on premise for the remainder of the week, allowing ample time for church members to walk through the church space and enjoy the art quietly at their own leisure.

On the Saturday of that week, there will be a gallery event from 7pm-9pm. We will work with the churches to provide food, drinks and proper accommodations. People outside the church can come in and contemplate the art with the church body. Select artists will come to each event to talk about their featured work and fraternize with guests. It will be a time for the community to come together and appreciate the featured art with joy, thoughtfulness, and laughter, exactly as a gallery event should be.

The Sunday following, the art will be up for a short time after the usual Sunday gathering to allow church members to have the art in conjunction with their traditional time of worship. Then that afternoon, all of the art is packed up and moved to the next church so that others might be blessed.

+ Is it necessary for the participating artists to be Christian?

Yes. For the most part, Qara’ Shem is a ministry that is done by the Church for the Church. Our goal is to build up the Church by means of its own artists, which in turn allows the Church to build up its artists, who can then serve their artistic communities through their organic expression of faith. To use the often-referred-to analogy, we allow the internal organs of the Church to build up the Body of Christ, allowing the limbs of the Body to work even better than they did before.

+ What does Qara' Shem mean by Christian? What Denomination does Qara' Shem ascribe to?

Qara’ Shem is a non-denominational ministry that adheres strongly to the Nicene Creed. We do not exist to point out denominational differences, but seek to celebrate “one Lord, one Faith, and one Baptism” through artistic expression with the larger body of believers we will all commune with in heaven at the end of the ages (Ephesians 4:4-6, NIV).

Denominational differences may be evident in an artist’s artistic statement or in the content of individual artistic pieces. We encourage participating artists, churches, and art viewers to let these differences wash over them and not be threatened by them, allowing the differing perspectives to prompt their minds to think, and embracing the similar Christianity that prompts their hearts to worship.

+ Will the artwork be for sale?

Yes. This is a main feature of Qara' Shem, and a practical way that church goers can support our featured artists and our traveling gallery. However, if a church body does not feel comfortable displaying prices outright, we can work with them to find a solution that works best for their church's needs.

+ How does pricing work?

The artist will name the price for their work when it is submitted. We add 20% to that price as our gallery fee. If the art gets sold, the artist gets the price they asked for, and we get the added 20%.

So for example, let's say an artist says their piece is worth $100. Qara' Shem will then take their price and add 20% to it. So the price displayed on our piece at the time of our gallery will be $120. The artist gets the $100 they said their piece was worth, and Qara' Shem receives the $20 added to the total as means to keep our gallery running.

That depends entirely on what each church arranges for Qara' Shem to do. We make sure our events are tailor made to accommodate each church's doctrines and personal desires. If a church wants only dessert food, we make that happen. If a church wants tea but no coffee, we arrange for that. If a church wants beer and wine and sparkling water, we will do that. No matter what the church wants their specific event to look like, we do everything in our power to make that possible.

Mature themes are allowed in our submissions, but each church has the ability to pull individual pieces they would rather not show. We may accept a nude piece for its beauty and theological significance, but if a church feels as though that piece will be a stumbling block to its congregation, they maintain the right to withhold the piece from their church space.

We will review all of our artwork with each church once all of the art has been finalized to identify if there are any pieces they would rather not show to their congregations. However, Qara' Shem does encourage churches to allow our art not only to bless them with beauty, but to challenge them with content.

+ How much does hosting Qara' Shem cost?

With regards to money, nothing! We run solely on donations, and it will be up to each individual person who feels blessed by our ministry to support us in whatever capacity they see fit, whether it be through money or volunteer work. As long as a church has a love for art and the space to house it for a short time, Qara' Shem would love to bring our gallery through in order to bless the congregation of believers with beauty and truth.

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