+ I would like to provide supplies for Qara' Shem. What do you need?

We need only need a few elements to hang our pieces on and among the walls of the churches we tour through, but we need a LOT of them.

Large 3M Picture Hanging adhesive tabs. These will be essential to mounting our small and medium sized art pieces and our plaques and signs on church walls securely without the use of nails or screws. We need something close to 100 of these strips per church we visit, so for the whole tour we need a total of around 600 to make sure all of our art stays in place.

Display easels. These will be primarily for our larger pieces that are too heavy to be placed on the wall. We will need around 10 of these, and we will need more if other larger pieces come in.

+ I would like to volunteer with Qara' Shem. What do you need?

Our gallery is built on the participation of individual artists, pastors and church members in the promotion and execution of Qara' Shem.

Talk to artists you know, and encourage them to submit to our gallery. If you can think of anyone whose artistic skill could benefit churches around Chicagoland, tell them to get in touch with us so we can feature their work.

Talk to your church authorities and members, and encourage them to host us. If you love our vision and want to see us tour through your Chicagoland church, send everyone you know to our website to help spread the word.

Once we get close to our tour dates, there is a lot that needs to be done:

Announce our upcoming tour to your congregation and to members of your community. We will provide you with supplies in order to spread the word effectively, such as informational pamphlets, Powerpoints, and small posters. Be sure to talk directly to people about our event, as well. They are more likely to respond to you than to one of our pamphlets!

During our tour, congregation members can help pitch in to lighten the load with regards to manpower:

Help us unpack our art on our arrival at churches. There will be a lot of art to unload and put in place, and we will need all the help we can get in order to carefully move each piece where it needs to go.

Help monitor the art to prevent damages. During the week and during our event, be on the lookout for people touching the artwork, children and youth playing around the artwork, or other things that could cause harm to our featured art. Remind them to be respectful and careful around the art so that others can enjoy it and so the probability of damage can be greatly reduced.

Help us set up and tear down for our Saturday event. There will be food, drinks, art, and good times at our Saturday gallery event. We will need people to help us set up tables, prepare and place the food and beverages, arrange an information table, and set up signs to help guide people through our gallery.

Help us tear down our art at the end of the week. We will need help to carefully take down the art and the command strips in order to place them in our vehicles to take them to the next location. If you could stay a little longer after your church service on Sunday to help us do that, we can get our art together quickly so that another church might be blessed by our featured pieces.

If you know that we are coming to your church, be sure to talk to your Pastor or Aesthetic Pastor about how you can help. They will also have a number of ways you can help them on the scene both before and after we arrive.

+ I would like to donate to Qara' Shem. How much do you need?

Qara' Shem is a labor of love, currently a Sole Proprieter ministry, and any amount you are willing to give is thoroughly appreciated. Here is the estimated amount of money needed to pay for all of this year's expenses:


For the full breakdown of our financial estimations, head over to our Donate page for access to our Google Document containing all details regarding our estimated expenses.

We would very much appreciate any amount you are willing to give to help us run next year. We very much believe in the mission of Qara' Shem, and if you believe in that mission as much as we do, no amount is too small to show your appreciation.

Have any more questions about how you can help? Need more information?

Email us through our form here! Or email us from your own email to qara.shem.gallery@gmail.com!

If you want to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to keep up with how we are progressing, click here!

We hope to see you on our tour!