About Qara' Shem

Qara’ Shem, or "Called By Name" as translated from the Hebrew (Exodus 35:20), is a traveling art gallery that seeks to reconnect the Church to its long history of faithful artistic expression. We do that by first curating fine art made by Christian artists around our annual theme. We then work with churches in the Chicagoland area to arrange and display that art according to the needs of their church space and church body.

Qara' Shem then tours through these churches in the early fall, blessing the local body of believers with spiritually-driven beauty, and educating the church on what it means to worship God through art, both as an artist and as a patron of the arts. By supporting Qara’ Shem and the art that we feature, churches will not only support the presence of the fine arts within the Church as an internal ministry of beauty, but will also give fine artists their livelihood and the means to minister to their own artistic communities.


If you would like to better understand our passion and reason for creating Qara' Shem, visit our short article about the importance of Christian artists. 

If you would like to host or need more insight into how Qara' Shem plans their galleries, visit our FAQ or Email us. 

If you would like to submit your artwork and need more information, visit our Submission Guidelines.