Director and Founder

Josie Koznarek

Josie Koznarek is a fine artist and graphic designer. She has worked with many non-for-profits, including The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, and select branches of Moody Bible Institute. From 2016-2017 she was employed as the Lead Designer and Aesthetic Director for Thin Space, Moody's annual Art and Theology Journal. Josie has also completed a number of freelance projects for clients and businesses around Chicagoland.

Josie's passion for the arts started when she was very young, as she would draw on basically anything she could effectively take a pen to. Having also been a Christian from a very young age, it did not take much prodding to combine her two life loves into a deep passion for bringing the arts to the Church.

Josie is currently living in the Chicago neighborhood of East Garfield Park with her husband, David MacKay.
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Special Thanks to:

Ken Hogrefe, Advisor
Brian Kammerzelt, Advisor
Stephen Koznarek, Business Advisor and Printer
Margaret Wright, Business Advisor
Brock Lockenour, Words Editor
David MacKay, Primary Support System